Baby Mattress

Baby Mattress

1,500.00 AED

Protects against more allergens and germs than any other baby mattress.

Dual sided - one side for baby, opposite side for toddler. 

High density foam is durable and provides advanced support and comfort.

Removable zip cover provides extra comfort for baby's gentle skin/ Made with Tencel fibre, the outer layer is especially silky, soft and kinder to baby's skin.

Airliner between baby and the mattress surface helps to ensure temperature regulation and enhanced breathability. 

Wipeable, waterproof SleepAngel filter cover is suitable for baby to sleep on whilst the top cover is being washed.

Caring for your SleepAngel™

  • SleepAngel™ is waterproof and stain resistant.
  • Wipe down with a damp cloth only.
  • Stains should be removed by wiping down with a damp cloth under running water from a tap or shower.
  • Do not hand wash, machine wash or dry clean. Doing so, will damage the Filter.
  • We advise that you wipe clean every time you change your pillow case, or once a month, whichever is most often.

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Filter Protection

Our PureShield™ cover is waterproof and cool,
 it’s sealed with SafeWeld™ seams and breathes with
the PneumaPure™ Filter. It blocks germs, bacteria,
 mould and allergens. And that’s scientifically proven.



Pure sonic sealed, not sewn for protection.



Soft, cool and waterproof fabric protection.



Breathable, bacteriological barrier protection.



Breathes for comfort and blocks for protection.
Easy clean design.