Mold Proof Your Home


SleepAngel, The Pillow with a Filter wants to help in the fight against mold and here are some tips to help you mold proof your home so you can Sleep Where the Air is Pure.

Mold is everywhere and that includes your bedroom. Mold only needs a food source (bedding, carpeting, shower walls and ceiling tiles for example) and a warm climate to exist and it is virtually impossible to eradicate, however you can take steps to make your home more mold resistant.


Three simple steps can be used in the reduction of mold in your home.


1. Prevent moisture.
• This can be done by being vigilant and looking out for areas of potential moisture such as sinks, toilets, showers, refrigerators, etc.
• Any moisture that exists in these or other places should be cleaned up immediately.
• Any water damaged furniture should also be removed, especially if damaged fabrics cannot be dried out completely.
• Drains should also be cleaned periodically.
• Turning on a bathroom fan while you shower will also help. Keep it running for a few moments after you shower too
• Take short showers to reduce the moisture in the bathroom
• Regularly clean bathroom surfaces that get wet (showers, baths, sinks and toilets as well as shower walls and glass cases)
• Check all pipes (kitchen and bathroom) to ensure there are no leaks.



2. Ventilate your home.
• Pay special attention to areas that wouldn’t be common ventilated spaces such as crawl spaces, closets and attics.
• Cleaning and vacuuming regularly will also help as this will remove food sources such as dust particles that molds feed on.
• Also, by moving furniture away from walls and corners, there will be better air-flow and your home will breathe more.
• You should also throw away any unused clothes. Keeping closets and bedrooms free from clutter which also expands airflow in the home



3. Reduce humidity.
• The use of dehumidifiers can reduce humidity by up to 50% and can also increase air-flow in your home, particularly if you live in a humid climate.
• Dehumidifying basements during warm months will also assist


No Mold





Other solutions to help reduce mold

• If purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, try to purchase one with a HEPA filter
• Reduce the number of potted plants in the home. The soil here is a feast for mold!
• Clean hard floors with a damp mop
• Do not bring furniture or clothes into your home after they have been stored in a damp environment
• Take out garbage daily to ensure there are no odours and spoiling
• Check all pipes (kitchen and bathroom) to ensure there are no leaks.

By doing all of the above, you will also save cash on the likelihood of costly repairs and while also keeping your family healthier and maintaining the value of your home.




Mold can be found in your pillows and bedding as reported by

ABC News






Mold Bed







Its, not only mold, but other allergens that can also be found in your pillows and bedding, as researched by

Airmid Health Laboratories.





Dr. Philip Tierno discusses what is living in your bedding in more detail






In 1999, The Mayo Clinic found the following, “As mold is a fungus, it can contribute to



(of which 37 million Americans suffer from”)!


is an inflammation of the membranes of the nose and sinuses. Nearly 37 million Americans suffer from it. Sinusitis commonly causes chronic headaches, runny nose, nasal congestion and a diminished sense of smell and taste”.




Fortunately, SleepAngel, the pillow with a filter, prevents the ingress of mold to your pillows.

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