Protecting your home and bedroom against pet dander


Very often a medical doctor will advise getting rid of a pet in order to “dander proof” a home and thereby relieve the allergy sufferer of their symptoms. But does it have to be the case that a distraught pet owner must also relieve themselves of their beloved pet?!?!  As we have discussed in last week’s blog, research proves that pet dander exists anyway in US homes who have no pet. So we must now consider how to create an effective dander-proof plan that can (and should!) be applied to all homes so that allergy sufferer and furry friend alike can live together in harmony…….





The following 5 point plan will help minimise pet dander in your home:


1. Don’t give me those puppydog eyes – stay outside! The first basic rule is to ensure that pets stay outside as much as possible. We know – its sometimes hard to resist letting them inside. But if they do so, restrict them to rooms with wooden or tiled flooring instead of carpeted areas


2. Get down boy! Keep your pet off furniture and upholstery – if they must have a pet-bed inside, it will be a reservoir of dander and so needs to be vacuumed regularly. Ideally try to avoid petbeds with cushioning or blankets


3. No go area. Never let your pet into the bedroom. Much as they would like to hang out in your sleeping quarters, it is especially important that your bedroom is kept as dander free as possible. The SleepAngel pillow is a laboratory tested and proven barrier to particles of pet dander, allergens and germs. As the #1 germ and allergen free pillow, you can sleep safely and soundly free from dander


Click here to watch a video clip


4. Clean Clean Clean – Dusting as often as possible will keep dander to a minimum. It may help to use vacuums equipped with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter or double bags. However, it’s still a good idea to dust or vacuum when the person with allergies or asthma is not at home


Watch a video clip on minimising pet dander here


5. Bathtime! – A 1999 study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology compared the levels of allergens in dog dander before and after a five-minute bath with an allergen-reducing shampoo. The researchers found that the bath reduced the dogs’ allergen levels by about 85%. But the allergen levels returned to normal in about three days, which suggests that dogs need to be washed at least twice a week



Most anti-allergy pillows do not provide barriers to microscopic pet dander. SleepAngel is the only anti-allergy pillow that is proven to be a 100% barrier so you can Sleep Where the Air Is Pure.

Thankfully, SleepAngel bedding which has no stitched seams or zips, blocks out any pet dander from the inside of pillows. SleepAngel, the Pillow with a Filter, is now available countrywide in the USA from
Bed, Bath & Beyond


Finally, after all that pettalk, we have to pander to the dander and add the cutie photo……..



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